Could Your Obedience Change Lives?

August 25, 2022

When *Barb first heard about the Jesus’ Church group study she would tell you she just didn’t want to. Didn’t want to start a group. Didn’t want to step out of her comfort zone. She didn’t want to fail.

Eventually, she realized that she was resisting the Bible’s instruction to reach out to others. “What happened to my first love?” she asked herself, “That boldness that wouldn’t hold me back from telling others about Jesus.” Barb realized that as a long-time church attendee, she had just been sitting for so long. “It was almost like watching water go stagnant,” Barb shares that her settledness was causing her to lose her true purpose.

Someone invited her to join their Jesus’ Church group, and she enjoyed it so much and discovered fresh vision. She began to share the study materials with others. When telling a friend, Barb was invited to come to her place and lead a group there. That led to even more groups starting; some over coffee with a couple of people, others in a home with more. Barb became impassioned to share God’s good news with others. She got extra Jesus’ Church books to encourage spur other believers to start a group; and they did!

“The beauty of it is,” she explains,”is that we all take turns reading and sharing. It’s just straight from the Bible.” She loves the simplicity of how this study activates people and has realized how easy it is for people to start a group.

The next study, Jesus’ Gifts, has just been released and continues to activate and invigorate believers to fulfill their purpose and mission for Jesus.

*Names have been changed in consideration of those who may be connected to our stories.

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