How to start a Jesus’ Commission Group!

  1. Find a few other believers to form a group (more than just your household). 
  2. Determine a place, day, and weekly time to meet.
  3. Download the Apppurchase the books, or link to the free online resources.
  4. Get started this week!
Jesus Church Group Study

When Jesus gave us the “Great Commission” to make disciples, it wasn’t just a good idea, it was a calling for each of us to follow. But HOW do you make disciples? And what if you’re not really an “evangelist?”

Journey into this discipleship training with a group to dig into, discuss, and be challenged as God grows YOU into a disciple-maker.

Jesus' Church Group Study

Practical Training

Looking for PT-1? Or PT-5? Find them all right here (being added weekly)!

Walks With God

Build your faith with these powerful series, as you walk with God each day!