Son Returns Home

April 27, 2021
Relationship Restored

Tracy has several children who were all raised in the church, and while they were growing up, they served in the church. Her middle son Austin had a girlfriend who he knew since elementary school. Both of their fathers had similar issues and abandoned their families.

“While my son was in high school, I could see the world influencing him little by little each year. By the time he was a senior, he was making comments to me that he was no longer a Christian. He would say that he was agnostic,” Tracy recalls.

Tracy continued to remind him of the way in which God provided for their family and met every need in their life.

The day after Austin graduated from high school, he gave her an hour’s notice and moved out. Tracy was grieving, but in the grief, the Lord provided peace. She prayed Hosea 2:6 over her son, believing that the Lord would direct her son’s path and hedge him in so that he would only follow God’s plan for his life. For more than two years, Tracy’s son had no contact with her, but she kept praying for him.

“I was serving in a ministry at The Rock and met another mother going through a similar situation with her son. We made a commitment to get together every other week to pray for our boys and families. The minute we made that commitment and started standing together in faith, we saw movement not only with our boys but also with our other children. My son called me to see how we were doing in the pandemic. We met the next night for dinner. Due to the pandemic we sat in the car, ate, and talked for more than two hours.”

A couple months later, Austin decided to move eight hours away from one dysfunctional situation to another dysfunctional situation. The Lord reminded Tracy of Psalm 40:2, that if He could pull her out of a miry pit, He could also do that for her son. She also reminded herself that we all have testimonies; Austin was just making his testimony longer.

In February 2021, Tracy went to visit her son. “As I hugged him before leaving, he said, ‘Mom, I had more fun with you than I’ve had the whole seven months living up here.’ I was in awe that a twenty three year old said that he had fun hanging with his mom! My heart melted.”

Recently, Tracy’s son has removed himself from this bad situation and moved into a healthy environment. In addition, God has blessed him with a wonderful job.

Full of joy, Tracy says, “I have my son back. It took five years, but he is back! The child that wouldn’t speak to me for five years texts me more than any of my other children. My God is faithful! I can’t praise Him enough!”

If you are believing for a son or daughter to come home to the Lord, don’t give up! God is faithful!

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