Vision for House Churches Grows

October 08, 2021

Julia*, a house church leader in Southern California, invited two couples to her home to learn about house churches. One couple was from her neighborhood and the other was from work. Knowing the value of house churches, Julia was looking for opportunities to share this vision with others and she invited a fellow house church leader, Cami, to share with them all.

When Cami got to Julia’s home Friday evening, she met these two precious couples as they shared a meal, prayed, and then shared some testimonies on how they all came to the Lord.

“We then talked about house churches, shared some house church testimonies, and I shared Pastor Jerry’s seven-minute, ‘’Why House Church‘?’ video with the couples,” Cami explains. “We took some time to pray for one another and for God’s heart to reach our communities and cities.”

Both couples attend different churches, however they are looking for something they can have in their homes; they are looking for a way to reach their neighborhood and communities.

Cami invited them to pray about starting a house church and sent them the information. Julia invited them to come back for prayer the following week.

“It was so amazing,” Cami recalls, “seeing three churches represented in one home praying and talking about house churches. God is doing great things!”

Where is the Lord calling YOU to share the BFAM Strategy? 


*All names are changed to protect those unknowingly connected with our stories

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